Gift card


The Gift card is the new gift idea offered by Ricci Shop.

Is a good expense that you can give to your friends, family or for yourself.

Convenient, simple, fast and convenient.



Buy a Gift Card on is easy!

Simply choose which card to buy: Sport Articles or footwear and leather goods.

Then you can choose the cut you prefer (€ 100, € 150, € 200) and insert it in your shopping cart.

The Gift Card is valid for three months from the date of issuance and will be delivered with a unique code assigned to the value of your purchase and can be used only one time for a purchase of equal or greater amount, and can be used for purchases on the page or footwear and sporting goods leather goods according to the card purchased.

If it is a gift and you want the Gift Card is delivered directly to the recipient of your gift in a special gift box and card with a sentence in the order form remember to enter shipping information related to the recipient of Gift card.

You can also choose it to send it in real time in electronic format.



Sport Articles Gift card: available in denominations (100€, 150€, 200€) and used for the purchase of any product on the Sport Articles

Footwear and Leather Goods Gift card: available in denominations (100€, 150€, 200€) and used for the purchase of any product on the Footwear and Leather Goods page.



The Gift Card can be issued in different ways and you will be alone in having to choose from:

● to your address and you'll be deliver to your gift recipient (delivery 2/3 working days);

● we provide us to send the card directly in a special gift to your recipient (delivery 2/3 working days);

● real-time via email. We will send the gift cards in electronic format to the email address you entered immediately after payment has been made and will be immediately usable by entering the code.



● The Gift card is valid for 3 monthsfrom date of issue.

● The Gift Card can not be combined with other gift card but can be used individually..

● The gift cards can be spent in one solution by purchasing one or more of the products is equal to or greater than the value of the Gift Card.

● The Gift Card can only be used in only one of the two pages sale in Sport Articles or footwear and leather goods in accordance with the card purchased.

Express shipping

24/48 hours in Italy.

Return of good

Simple and free.

Gift wrap

With customizable card.


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