Loyalty points

By completing a purchase on www.riccishop.it, we reward you by giving you loyalty points and redeem them for vouchers.
Loyalty points are points you earn for your every purchase and which add up as your profile and allow you to get discounts for your next purchases.
The service is working only for registered customers to our site and the points earned from your orders are visible, after authentication, in the "loyalty points" of your account, where you can keep track of the balance, the movements of the points and everything that relates to your account.

In each product shows the number of loyalty points which you are entitled by buying it.


For every 10 € of purchase will be entitled to 1 loyalty point worth € 0.30.

€ 10 = 1 pt = € 0,30
€ 20 = 2 pt = € 0,60
€ 30 = 3 pt = € 0,90

For further information please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.

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